Use Garmin Express to install this file.

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Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.80:

  • Fixed issue with sleep detection



  • Installation Instructions
  1. Place the GUP2415.GCD, GUP2414.BIN, and GUP1909.BIN in the GarminRemoteSW folder of your device.
  2. The GUPDATE.RGN file can then be placed directly in the Garmin folder.
  3. Remove from the charge clip and follow the on-screen prompts to continue with the update process.

  • System requirements
  1. IBM-compatible PC running Windows XP or later operating system and an available Com 1, 2, 3, or 4 port.
  2. PC Interface Cable for your GPS unit. The PC Interface Cable may be purchased through your local Garmin distributor or ordered direct from our Online Store.