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  • Mont Blanc

    01. May 2015

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  • Matterhorn

    17. April 2015

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  • Bike experience

    01. April 2015

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  • Mount Everest

    11. March 2015

    Proin gravida ultrices mauris, eu hendrerit magna suscipit eget. Maecenas eu molestie quam. Morbi sem ex, vulputate molestie tortor at, bibendum laoreet lacus. Nulla at massa neque. Mauris vel ante risus. Mauris sapien libero, lobortis ut ante sed, elementum volutpat urna. Fusce elementum lobortis volutpat. Maecenas eu neque lectus.

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  • Hiking tours

    01. March 2015

    Phasellus tincidunt, risus non pulvinar commodo, orci ex tempus leo, id porttitor massa felis eget nisl. Pellentesque quis dolor leo. Sed auctor bibendum nisl, vel ornare elit blandit et. Quisque sit amet tempor nisl. Suspendisse nisi diam, consectetur id dolor at, tincidunt posuere enim.

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Reservation Plugin

This WordPress Plugin is for receiving, managing and handling bookings easily. It can be used for any reservation type content for hotels, car rentals, events, B&B’s, appointments or conferences, and many more.

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  • Available in widgets and as a chortcode
  • Calendar is connected with on-page form and widget
  • Shows avalaible resources and works like datepicker for form



  • There is main form shortcode for reservation
  • You can build own in administration
  • Forms are also avalaible in widgets


Control Panel

  • Customer can manage all his reservations
  • You can contact each other easily with built-in messenger
  • It’s really effective with payment gateways as a premium feature


Search Resources

  • You can search with criteria predefined in administration
  • Result can be listed or shown as a table
  • Just create a page and insert a shortcode

Header widget area

We modified header widget area to set floating or static position. You can add any widget in widgets options so
it's really effective for reservation widget.

  • Floating header widget area

    Floating header widget area

  • Static header widget area

    Static header widget area

  • Settings of header widget area

    Settings of header widget area

This plugin can save your time and money. Free features are enough for solid management of your business. You can extend your plugin with many more premium features. All features are already designed, you have to only download and install plugin free or buy premium version.